How did the Gothic come from medieval England


What do you think of when you hear goth? Do you think black, sad, suicidal, emo? These things are commonly accepted as “gothic”. But what is goth? Goth is a culture found in many countries. Goth began in England during the 1400s. It is made up of many features such as style of music, many different fashion statements, and architecture. There was a fascination with death and supernatural elements like ghosts and mythical creatures. Read More


Shoukd Obama Close Guantanamo?

A document released by president Barack Obama had a few surprises. President Barack Obamas idea is to shut down Guantanamo during his last year in office. He wants to send the remaining detainees to the U.S. There are currently 91 prisoner at Guantanamo right now. 

I believe this should not happen, yes we ,as have some terrorists in U.S prisons but why do we need more? We don’t need to have more chances of a terrorist attack. Not to mention the fact that a recommended site is Fort Leavenworth in Kansas. That’s not what I want to hear by any means. If the prisoners were in fort Leavenworth that would scare a lot of people. Same with any other site they want to send the prisoners. Speaker of the house Paul Ryan said that it’s against the law. The released detainees will just return to terror. We need to be pitting people in Guantanamo not taking them out. Obama worrying about this is one of the last things he needs to be worrying about at last, especially since he can’t do that himself.